Youth Leadership Long Beach Program


The Youth Leadership Long Beach (YLLB) program is a unique opportunity for 30+ area high school students to join with emerging youth leaders from other schools to experience a community leadership program based on principled leadership. The eight-month program is focused around environmental sustainabilty (modern environmental problems, natural habitats, STEM approaches, etc.), community issues (government, education, etc.) and sessions are centered around our core leadership principles: integrity, teamwork, ethics, accountability, respect, commitment, courage, trusteeship, congruence, compassion, vision, values, personal responsibility and service.


The program includes a weekend leadership retreat, program sessions at community sites such as City Hall, Port of Long Beach and the Aquarium of the Pacific plus a day/project session on Catalina Island. The program will build a framework of leadership development to empower, increase science literacy and connect participants to those who are already working toward creating a more sustainable community here in Long Beach.

Youth Leadership Long Beach 
Class of 2019

We are currently accepting applications for the Youth LLB Class of 2020.



Program goals:

  1. Empower Youth to serve as community trustees by learning the importance of addressing community issues through personal responsibility, teamwork and principled leadership.
  2. Develop a base of high school students who will take on leadership roles to address environmental and sustainability issues in the Long Beach community.


The program will meet monthly on Saturdays (the City Hall session day will be a Friday - participants will miss school that day to attend) from 9 am to 4 pm.  The schedule is being finalized and will be available by the time interviews are made.

YLLB 2020 class members should also expect to meet on days and times outside of the regularly scheduled sessions to work on service project and other YLLB activities (MLK, Jr. Parade, MLK Service Day, YLLB graduation, etc.).

Selected applicants will interview with the YLLB Selection Committee panel.  Interview times and dates will be communicated to applicants in late June as interviews will be conducted in July and early August.

Complete the next three web pages for the Youth LLB Class of 2020 application.

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